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Artist Statement

 You have to keep enough of the organism for it to reform each dawn; and you have to keep small supplies of significance and subjectification, if only to turn them against their own system when the circumstances demand it, when things, persons, even situations, force you to; and you have to keep small rations of subjectivity in sufficient quantity to enable you to respond to the dominant reality.

                                                                      Gilles Deleuze, A Thousand Plateaus p. 160

My work uses light, technologies, video, performance, transparent and ephemeral structures to explore the constructs of power as it relates to dualism, hybridity, existence and the fragile nature of reality.

Being object, place, and space, these works often reference the architectural, biological, technological, systematic and landscape as means to explore these relationships through correlations between the physical, psychological and metaphysical facets of being.

These constructs of power have private implications within our domestic existence, many of which respond to the politics of power in the public sphere.  As Western culture has moved away from an emphasis on myth and traditional faith as the primary means of understanding our existence, disruptions in traditional power relationships have continually shifted. As a culture we have moved from a period where Newtonian physics and Modernism pervaded, into an era where Quantum physics would challenge our perceptions of reality and our Postmodern culture would equivocally be confronted with a nihilistic critique.

Quantum physics in the form of its famous observer effect (how an observer’s looking transforms quantum possibilities into actual experiences in the observers consciousness) is forcing us in to paradigm shift from a primacy-of-matter paradigm, to a primacy-of-consciousness paradigm. The new paradigm is inclusive; it is a science of spirituality that includes materiality. Quantum activism is the idea of transforming ourselves and our societies in accordance with the transforming messages of quantum physics and the new paradigm. 

                                                    Amit Goswami, Ph.D, The Quantum Activist, preface

These and other related discoveries such as the isolation and measurement the Higgs Boson particle, and countless other scientific, technological and spiritual points of connection, lay path to the new philosophies of this millennia.

This scientific/ontological/phenomenological exploration of this multifaceted external reality creates a direct link to the internal psychological reality of the individual. Such overarching themes resound in the core of our being and question how we understand everything from our own personal identity, embodiment, existence, time, lifespan, intimacy, power, and our relationships to one another in now the public, private and non-local experiences.

This work represents connections between these diverse ideas and our minds psychological approach to understand them through the schisms within an ever-changing referential lexicon. It expresses a new awareness as we internalize the shift from the micro, personal, and dualist experience of the individual and other to the macro, ubiquitous, ever connected and meta experience extending far beyond the relevance of our culture. It also exerts a belief in an interconnected formless or unseen realm of existence transcendent of physical or scientific human understanding.

It has hence shifted from primacy-of-matter into primacy-of-consciousness whose main form is that of human awareness. 

Although the point of entry remains to be the artwork, as the “organism” or “primacy-of-matter”,  the work explores the “dominant reality” and the possibility for liberation of dualism and all power relationships through “primacy-of-consciousness”. Challenging constructs through a series of questions and responses, a point of connectedness is established in which my presence and that of the viewer can together explore the nature of consciousness and being.